25 v) The gang spends the rest of the day approaching the city

The gang spends the rest of the day approaching the city, reaching its cobblestone streets at dusk. Warm light spills from open taverns as people hurry about, driving goats and pushing barrows. Despite the gang’s haggard appearance from days on the road, nobody gives them more than a passing glance. The glowing sphere bobs and weaves, but attracts no attention.

Jaunty music reaches the party’s ears from a two-storey wooden building with simple stained glass windows.

“My thirst is suddenly overwhelming,” Cang announces.

“My throat, too, is parched!” Fassn adds loudly.

“Yeah? And when we can’t pay the bill?” Shyan asks.

“I don’t want to run,” says Abia.

“But perhaps we will strike up a contact, someone who will know where we can sell our goods,” Cang adds with a placating grin.

Shyan shrugs. Marching through the tavern door, she says, “Well it would be nice to sit down.”

25 iv) “In fact,” Fassn continues, “let me just taste ’em a second.”

“In fact,” Fassn continues, “let me just taste ’em a second.” He reaches for the princess’ necklace with bony fingers.

“I should think not,” Cang says, whisking the necklace away from his grizzled companion. “You shall bring down their value.”

“No way,” Fassn says. “My spit is mystical.”

“Nonsense,” says Cang. “You disgust me.”

“Boys, boys,” Shyan cuts in. “Nobody’s tasting anything. We’re headed straight for a jeweller or a fence. Whomever wants to take this necklace off our hands can do so.”

“Well I want to take it off his hands,” Fassn says.

“Great, just show us the coins.”

Fassn makes a show of patting his pockets, but of course he comes up empty.

“That’s what I thought,” Shyan says. “Now let’s get this done so we can enjoy a hot meal for a change.”