v) Cangette

“Cangette. Real believable, Cang,” Shyan murmurs. “Any coin you get for hawking this stuff is going right into the Cang Fund.”

“No more noble a goal exists,” he says, scanning the objects. “They do all look valuable, do they not?”

They do. Upon the shelves rest twisted crystals, amazing vases, copious coins, from the old world, the new, and the new-new. Cang’s gaze runs lovingly over each piece, assessing its worth — and convenience for fencing. At last, he reaches up and takes down an iron rose set with emeralds that match the tiny one sewn into his vest’s lining.

“Found your souvenir?” asks Ulxurix.

“Indeed, madam,” Cang says, beaming.

“Just in time, then,” the wizard replies. She bids Fassn to sit up and smile. His mouth is full of fresh and shiny teeth.

“Old Ajralan,” he says, his words no longer muddied. “May you have your fill!” Fassn wraps Ulxurix in a bear hug.

She laughs, and when he lets her go, she says, “Now, as to the matter of my fee.”

iv) Cang rubs his chin

Cang rubs his chin. “I seek an object of beauty, to share with the fairer sex. Jewelery, perhaps,” he says.

“There is an exquisite piece upon the wall, there,” the wizard replies, gesturing vaguely with her elbow.

Cang follows her movement to a shiny, geometric object, composed entirely of intersecting planes. It seems to hum and glow from its place of pride upon the wall. He swallows. “And you are certain I may avail myself of this, and share it with my lady love?”

“Don’t touch that, Cang,” Shyan says.

“But she said I could have it.”

“We’ve already asked enough of the kindly wizard,” she says. “Can’t you feel the weight of the bar in your ruck?”

“Well, yes,” Cang says. “But that was payment for liberated chemicals. Here, I seek something beautiful for Cangette.”

Shyan rolls her eyes.

iii) Wizard good

“Wizard good. Small boons for village folk.” Abia sighs, and for a long moment, listens to the sounds of Fassn’s dental work. “Witch bad,” she continues. “Curse crops, cause drought. Village folk burn.” She watches Shyan closely. Shyan meets her gaze, then sweeps her eyes to encompass Abia’s loose, shimmery robes, her piled, braided hair.

“So?” Shyan says.

“So,” Abia replies.

Shyan grins, turns her attention to Ulxurix working in Fassn’s mouth. Behind her, Cang studies some glittery trinkets on her shelves, his fingers subtly waggling as though anxious to grab something, anything.

“Careful what you choose there, dearie,” says Ulxurix, without looking away from her labour. “Souvenirs make the best magic.”

ii) Why should I lie to a creature who dwells in a lighthouse?

“Why should I lie to a creature who dwells in a lighthouse? Observe her quivering tattoos. This is the work of a witch,” Cang says plainly, his nose up.

Ulxurix replies, ostensibly to Cang, though her gaze remains fixed on Abia. “But witches are awful folks, working charms and hexes. Old Ulxurix would never do so.”

“What about that spark we saw? And you turned soup into gold,” Shyan says.

“The work of wizardry, nothing more.”

The gang turns to Abia — even Fassn, who loses a tool or two from his jaw, which clatter to the floor.

Abia feels the weight of expectation settling upon her as her friends await her verdict.

“Not witch,” Abia says slowly. “Wizard.”

A palpable relief sweeps over Ulxurix. “See?” she says, and returns to Fassn’s dental work. “Your gums look rather healthy. Do you floss?”

“Nope!” comes Fassn’s cheerful reply.

Shyan moves over to Abia, careful to keep her attention on the scene before them. She says in a low voice, “What’s the difference between a wizard and a witch, anyway?”

i) The object in Cang’s hands grows hot

The object in Cang’s hands grows hot. By degrees, it quickly shoots up until his skin sizzles and cooks. He lets out a yelp and whips his hands back, letting the glowing thing from Ulxurix’s desk topple to the floor. When it hits the ground, its internal glow flickers, fades away.

“Looking for a souvenir, dearie?” asks Ulxurix, cutting the stunned silence that’s fallen over the room. The wizard’s tattoos shift and swirl. “Something to remember old Ulxurix by?”

Cang wheels on her, his best market-day grin straining on his face. “Of course mum! Not often one has the opportunity to visit the Gabjeoš lighthouse, and its famous witch.”

At this, Ulxurix fumes. Her tattoos shift quickly in hue, from a pale blue to a steaming crimson. “Witch?” she saays. “I am no witch. Am I, Abianarin?”

Abia looks between her and Cang, but says nothing.

Fassn, his mouth still full of dental implements, says, “No witch! Cang, say she’s not a witch!”