midland recap: session 1

Burroughs has taken a number of students in his time outside Midland — those who wished to improve their own latent psychic abilities, as Burroughs himself has done. His most recent pupil was one Gino Marie, who, alas, went too far, accidentally engineering the murder-suicide of his parents, the (former) authorities in the town. On the day of the first thaw, he and Burroughs were burying them when they were approached by Highland, a young local with an unfortunate stammer, who serves as Must’s chief proselytizer. Highland implored the taciturn Gino to let the Family ‘help’ with the burial, but was rebuffed. Highland returned to the Family’s compound, and told Must what was happening. She herself approached Burroughs and Gino, but found herself on the wrong end of a violation glove, and a closely-guarded secret — her crushing guilt over the death of her mother in childbirth — was revealed to Burroughs. Meanwhile, Bunny was served a filet of salmonid by Feed the Cook, which was nearly stolen by Winkle, before she offered him a tiny fragment, which he ravenously consumed.