31 iii) Pockets flush with stolen apples

Pockets flush with stolen apples, the gang finds a stone bank along a thin river that winds through the city, taking their ease upon the stones, watching the day’s traffic filter past.

“This is the life,” Fassn says, the sun warming his face.

“Yeah, this? Munching stolen apples, hoping to do a deal?” Shyan asks.

“Sure,” he replies, crunching loudly. “The apple’s so sweet. Old Ajralan, may you have your fill!” He vocalizes madly before finishing the apple, core and all.

“Will we truly give a share of our haul to Monsieur Montague?” Cang wonders aloud.

Birds above screech and tumble as the gang chews.

v) “Real nice, Cang”

“Real nice, Cang,” Fassn calls. Cang sheepishly returns to the group, striding slowly with his head down, hands thrust into his pockets.

“Might have overestimated that one,” he says when he rejoins them. He holds up a few pebbles which Fassn greedily snatches.

“Creature guard dome?” Abia asks.

“Or something inside, maybe,” Shyan says. “Some light, Fassn?”

Fassn whispers an invocation and a boon of light is granted. He follows its shimmering glow, his companions by his side, into the gloomy murk of the dome.