36 iv) Shyan takes a big swig from her tankard

Shyan takes a big swig from her tankard. “You can’t just visit in a dream or something?”

Abia smiles gently and gives a single, subtle shake of her head.

Fassn’s beard is covered in foam from his ale, most of which he’s emptied down his front in an expedited effort to consume it. “Does the dragon pay well, Abia?”

“Working for a dragon,” Cang says, his voice dripping with venom. “Rather uncivilized, no?”

“Didn’t you see his butler and the fancy silk pillows? That dragon’s got more class than the four of us together,” says Shyan, just as Fassn belches loudly to seal her point.

Sunday Special: sorry about the new landing page

Hey folks,

All apologies for the new, more self-centred landing page of this blog.

I’m looking for paid writing work so I’m trying to play the game.

Don’t worry — even if I someday find it, this site will continue giving it away for free.

Thanks for your patience.

And if you have writing or editorial work you need done, contact me. My rates are reasonable and my desperation palpable.