Five to a Party – character summaries

The Face, a charming, slender individual rather androgynous in appearance, is in reality a sophisticated artificial intelligence, capable of computing several billion teraflops of Y/N binaries in the blink of a human eye – of which it has two, which shade from a sparkling, translucent blue, to a murky, seething brown. The Face knows a dozen million jokes and always tells the right one for a given situation.

The Fighter is all muscle mass, derived from his unceasing dedication to bodyweight exercises. In down time between obligations, he can be found dangling from tree limbs, pulling himself up, or on the floor, in the middle of a set of two thousand reverse flies. He also relentlessly beats at his own flesh with his fists, claiming the damage he does to the muscle fibres within promotes their growth.

The Wizard plays a dizzying array of musical instrument and proves herself to be virtuosic at each. From pianolas to tympanis, she draws the innate capacities of each from within and unleashes them into the physical world. At all times she has on her person flutes, oboes, triangles, djembes, and a half-dozen other rare and unusual musical instruments, each with its own spectrum of effects. Failing all of that, she has her voice – a potent force unmatched anywhere in the Eight Provinces.

The Rogue is a young child who bears a peculiar pair of appendages – where her human arms would ordinarily be grow long, slippery tentacles, capable of slipping their shape as though they were made of clay. The maximum length of her tentacles is undetermined; the matter of which they are composed seems practically limitless. She carries in her end a diverse working knowledge of traps, tricks, and locks; she hasn’t yet encountered one of the aforementioned that she could not construct or deconstruct with ease.

The Healer is a master chemist, familiar with all known particles of the Eight Provinces. Poultices and salves, from those derived by ancient hermits to the latest in biomed tech, he can conjure with his worn mortar, pestle, and scuffed mason jars. Beyond all this, he’s an excellent cook, favouring simple spices and plant-based recipes to sate the needs of himself and his companions.

Logan Bright