late in time and space – a story circle

they’ve finally got the right data, figures lifted from a warehouse in the westerlies; dilapidated outside but clean and modern inside
the dead drop outside town is blocked with traffic, drivers honking at one another like a flock of angry geese
there’s another route through time and space and Boss is pissed at lateness, so they key in the co-ordinates
a sprawling, swirling vortex of a kind we’ve often seen arrives
and swallows our two heroes, spits them out at Boss’s house
a vein strains at Her temple, She clicks her stopwatch when they arrive, our two heroes spilled onto the floor like damp laundry
their lateness unforgiven – though She takes the data, of course, because she can’t leave that behind – She closes the vortex and sends them back into the traffic
years later they’re back at home, aged and lonely, chattering to one another in a language they’ve perfected for the long and empty roads

Logan Bright