sunday special: next week is something different

next week is something different, the first hint of a story, told in parts
basically trying to ape the five act structure across five days’ worth of posts
but the five days isn’t nearly enough either, of course, so it’s just the first tiny piece of what I imagine could develop into an ongoing narrative
this will have semi-gonzo rpg-esque elements I hope. I should add some description to the characters, but in theory I’d like these to be able to go out as tweets. Definitely can’t do that, though, as the first and shortest part is at present 363 characters. So make of that what you will — it’ll be a short entry each day, contributing to a larger, ongoing goal.
stick with me, folks. I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading.

PS I’ve decided to call this series A Sprawling Place (for purposes of tagging, organization, etc) which is nice and vague, while at the same time still conjuring something of the effect I hope to impart. forgive my free-wheeling ramblings; it’s Sunday. tune in tomorrow for the first entry in A Sprawling Place.