exercise: N 2.4

N exercise 2.4 – three places The streets are narrow and don’t wind according to a regular grid – rather, they wind according to ancient feet, feet long gone, of men and women and work animals, their belongings trailing behind. Now the streets are gritty with dust and cracked pavement, broken ditches where sidewalks might […]

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exercise: N 2.3

N exercise 2.3 – ordinary and extraordinary On my desk rests a perfect yellow square, except that it is not a square, for it has depth – dozens of identical perfect yellow squares lay just beneath the one on the top, holding it aloft until the next, on-deck, takes its place. The square on top […]

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exercise: N 2.2

N exercise 2.2 objects from my childhood home Coke memorabilia (endless) lamp with a ship’s wheel to turn it on and off low-hanging ceilings in the basement huge chest freezer an L-sectional a plaque of bronze reading “At this site in 1857 nothing happened” a “Fuck Iran” button attached to the mesh of a speaker […]

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N exercise 2.1

N exercise 2.1 I grew up in a town of a half million or more, at the foot of a long escarpment that we all called the Mountain. The downtown, also at the foot of the Mountain, was reputed for its grunginess, the colourful cast of local misfits and degenerates who peopled the strip of […]

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