a greater contradiction

expressed indifference what could be a greater contradiction the first of December and he’s in his Christmas sweater yesterday, rain, today, strong sun tomorrow, who can say, save those who stay informed on running loops with tiny changes plusses minused, damaged brainses who’s to choose the loose exchanges?

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sailing seas

great big shit, ship, sailing seas racing hearts and weeping knees loosened mind control ain’t mine can’t find control in time rewind, command plus zed go again, another round

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Sunday Special: Nanowrimo 2017

Well folks, it’s over: my very first Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) experience has come to a close. I penned the final 1,000 words on November 30th, which brought my final total to just over 53,000 for the entire draft one manuscript. My first novel. I tackled the project on a whim, deciding to attempt the […]

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And the pressure

And the pressure keeps kicking in changes in pixels means means tabbing and typing and targeting just the right spot for just the right keyboard hit make a mistake and you’re back half a day or may be it just feels to some people like it’s that way making a race against clocks each one […]

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