poetry: mounting opposition

mounting opposition burbles underneath the surface, some sick beast and all the rest. that wasn’t what it was meant to be well supposed to ah all right then. Yeah, I get it. Meant to put it that way, in fact. There aren’t a lot of other voices clanging around in here.

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Reflections on Recursion

Recursion is an important aspect of human language, and a core part of the notion of Universal Grammar (UG). Recursion is the ability to string together a potentially infinite regress of embedded sentences, which are functionally limited only by human memory and cognitive processing power. Evans and Levinson (E&L) cite Hauser et al. (2002) who […]

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David Foster Wallace: Aerial and Ground Views on Cross-cultural Transmissions

David Foster Wallace, in his personal essay “9/11: The View from the Midwest,” conceptualizes two “basic classes” in American culture, situating them in his adopted home of Bloomington, Illinois. These classes are symbolized by “the SUV and the pickup truck,” modes of conveyance well-suited both to the “extremely flat” countryside and to their respective demographics, […]

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poetry: hair alight in spines

something calls in the night, sharp and sweet, like candied ginger ought to be. there’s a wet heavy heat on the back of my neck and i can’t help but think that you’re there. from fact to poetry every 20 minutes check your own state and compose something new neglect is the gateway drug facts […]

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poetry: an icy shimmer

the icy simmer of shopping carts rattles up my window, climbs over the balcony and lets itself in. the windows and doors are wide open to let out the smoke from my snack-salty roast in the oven. Alarm’s been off once so I’ve put in a fan to displace the smoke back to the kitchen. […]

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