37 ii) “Yes, the barber,” says Cang, expertly rolling a coin

“Yes, the barber,” says Cang, expertly rolling a coin between his fingers. “I suppose we owe the old fool a debt.”

“But we’re already spending the money,” Fassn says, as a server brings him a fresh platter of honeyed duck.

“This is undeniable,” replies Cang. In a single mighty swallow he empties his flagon and signals for another. “He knows not our price. We can offer a pittance and he shall be none the wiser.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Shyan says, her brow furrowed. “That’d be unethical, wouldn’t it?”

“Stealing,” says Abia.

“Exactly,” Shyan says. She spots a platter of oiled eggs and flags another server to bring them over. Her mouth full of egg, she mumbles, “On the other hand…”

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