29 iv) Monsieur Montague reaches out to grab the necklace

Monsieur Montague reaches out to grab the necklace and Shyan notices his exceptionally well-manicured fingernails before yanking it away from his grasp. “We’re not trading this whole thing for a bath,” she says.

“Yeah, we want wine, too!” Fassn says.

“Ignore him,” Shyan continues. “We need to look for good our meeting with a buyer. You get us prepped, we sell the necklace, you get a cut. Sound fair?”

Montague strokes his moustache, lets out a long “hmm” as he ponders. “But baths are not free, friends. Grooming isn’t free! How can I give away my livelihood on the word of such—” here he catches himself before being too rude, and says, “—such an offer?”

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