21 v) Cang ponders this a moment

Cang ponders this a moment. “The princess may indeed be yet more wealthy even than Old Mossy.”

“Why not both?” asks Fassn.

“One can never have too many jewels and gems,” Cang concedes.

“Trouble is,” Shyan says, “We don’t know her house.”

“Have you ever heard that old phrase, ‘case the joint’?”

“Well sure,” Shyan replies. “I just don’t want any more poison darts in my system. I swear I’ll be meeting Master Davit if this goes on much longer.”

“Relax,” Cang says. “We investigate for a night or two, watch the place as those foul grey creatures come and go. When we have the lay of the land, we infiltrate, apprehend the valuables, and make our way out, unseen.” He appraises Abia’s vibrant, flowing robes, Fassn’s scraps of armour and tinkling charms, and Shyan’s breastplate and greaves. “Well, perhaps I shall do the infiltrating.”

“You know what?” Shyan says. “These grey guys have it coming. Let’s do it.”

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