18 ii) Fassn perks up. “Wait, now?”

Fassn perks up. “Wait, now?”

Shyan nods.

Fassn scrabbles at the ground, lifts himself up. “Then we’d better get out of here!”

“Why?” Cang asks. “They’re coming for her, not us.”

“But we’re her-adjacent,” Fassn rejoins. “Plus, she’s our friend.”

Cang appears to weigh this fact between two open hands. “This is true,” he says slowly.

“Of course, you beat them all before, right?” Fassn asks Shyan. “The bitter breezers?”

Shyan nods again, short and soft, revealing little.

Fassn relaxes a little. “I think I’d like to smell this bitter breeze myself.”

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