16 ii) Shyan is next up

Shyan is next up. The tears of joy sliding down her cheeks turn to ice as Abia’s magic works its way through her nervous system. The happiness of seeing Master Davit anew is frozen as Shyan’s mind goes blank. When her body is rigid, Abia drags her to the door.

It’s closed again already, Fassn on the other side, thawing out. Abia struggles and labours with the heavy stone alone, then carefully drags Shyan through. When she clips the door frame with Shyan’s hand, Abia sucks in a breath — but luckily, she doesn’t lose any fingers.

Abia lays Shyan down beside Fassn as best she can, their frozen forms contorted. It isn’t long before Shyan’s icy tears turn back into water.

a sprawling place, abia, cang, cold, fassn, fiction, logan bright, sadness, shyan, truth, works, writing exercise,

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