13 v) Several days later, having traded a few of Old Mossy’s glittering jewels

Several days later, having traded a few of Old Mossy’s glittering jewels to his countryfolk in the village in exchange for equipment, arms, and armaments, the gang finds itself at the cavern’s lip. Fungus glows at the bottom, where the door stands in the murk.

Both the princess and Old Mossy have remained in the village. Only Shyan, Fassn, Cang and Abia stand ready to descend. A sombre tone falls over them, each of their faces grim, ’til Fassn says, “Any last regrets?” and chuckles to himself.

With a sigh, Cang goes over the side, easily repelling to the bottom. The door, twice as tall as him, is cut with the same precise geometric patterns, and seems to be cut from the very stone itself. He peers at it, lantern held high, while his compatriots follow him down.

Then he hears a knock.

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