13 iii) “I don’t think we never heard no knocking, did we?”

“I don’t think we never heard no knocking, did we?” Fassn asks.

“Not as such,” Cang replies.

“And that name, ‘Asmosius.’ Would’ve picked up on that one.”

“Seems probable.”

“What is it you need?” Shyan asks.

“Well,” Old Mossy begins, faltering. In a soft voice, the princess urges him on. He keeps his eyes on the ground. “I’d like to know who, or what, knows me well enough to call to me from beyond a massive door deep under the earth,” he says, before looking hopefully up at the gang.

Fassn and Abia share a look suggesting that whatever it is, it’s nothing good.

“In exchange for the antidote?” Shyan asks.

A look of horror crosses Old Mossy’s features. “No, no, certainly not! You rescued our fair princess, after all.” He dodders to a cabinet, and, his back turned to the gang, fiddles with a switch or latch and a hidden panel slides open. He withdraws a small palmful of colourful gems. “In exchange for these!”

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