13 ii) “A grand, old, audacious thing”

“A grand, old, audacious thing, built right into the side of the cave?” asks Cang, to which Old Mossy nods readily. “We have had occasion to encounter it,” he continues.

“Did you hear a knocking?”


“A knocking, like this,” says Old Mossy, rapping his fingers on the flat of his palm to make a soft slapping noise. “Well, sort of like this.”

“I don’t think we heard any knocking,” Shyan says.

Old Mossy’s eyes take on a haunted look. “Strange, that,” he says. “Last I was down, I heard a knocking, as though from the other side.”

The princess squeezes his hand reassuringly.

“A knocking, and a deep voice, calling my name: ‘Asmosius…'”

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