13 i) The gang rests up in Old Mossy’s hut for the rest of the night

The gang rests up in Old Mossy’s hut for the rest of the night. He stays away at the celebration, but the grey creature and his kin never seek to rope them in for feasting and dancing, despite their status as rescuers of the princess. Only Cang is still awake when Old Mossy returns, with a retinue of guards with their mouths set firm and the princess herself. Cang’s quick to wake the others, who reluctantly drag themselves from their pleasant sleep.

“I trust you’re feeling better?” the princess asks.

Shyan’s eyes are teary still, but clear. “Yes. Though the antidote may be worse than the disease.”

“Bad dreams, only,” says Old Mossay. He waves the whole notion away. “Listen. When you were fetching the mushrooms needed for the antidote, you climbed down into a cave.”

Shyan lets a beat pass before she says, “Right.”

“Then let me ask you: when you were down there, did you find a door?”

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