8 v) Back in the grey creatures’ village

Back in the grey creatures’ village, celebrations over the princess are still in full swing. The bedraggled party drags themselves into the ring of light thrown by the bonfire. One of the celebrants is gleefully showing off his new emerald.

Old Mossy, spotting them, comes over, looking sheepish. “You found the mushrooms?”

Wordless, Cang withdraws a handful. Their glow is diminished but still present.

Old Mossy nods. “Let’s go mix that antidote.”

“Permit me a question, sir, but in your forays into the caves, did you ever come upon a carved stone door?” Cang asks.

“Door?” asks Old Mossy.

“Door?” repeats Shyan.

“Rood?” asks Fassn.

Cang sighs, shares a look of exasperation with Abia, whose face remains eerily placid. “We shall discuss it another time. First, the antidote.”

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