6 ii) The princess’ round, grey face falls

The princess’ round, grey face falls. Her bulbous black eyes are washed with pain. “Of course not,” she says. “The humans of the village would never dare assault my people again. Not with you find protectors at my side.”

Shyan and Fassn share a queasy look, sweating beading on the ends of their respective noses. “Maybe no more questions,” Shyan says.

“Yeah, maybe just the antidote,” adds Fassn. His teeth chatter. “What’s it like to be a princess?”

“Wonderful, most wonderful,” she says. Her wide lipless mouth turns up into a grin. “The sumptuous grace of my mother’s palace is one of the world’s great marvels.” Seeming to suddenly recall her manners, she adds, “And what is it like being, er,” she says, surveying the filthy group of grubby adventurers before her. “Um, one of you?”

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