iv) The water thrashes around the spot

The water thrashes around the spot where Fassn fell in. His hands periodically break the crashing surface, but white water overtake them each time. Once, his face comes up with an expression of panic and fear.

Shyan passes the last paddle out to him so he can grab it, but the boat’s too rocky, the paddle just thwacks him on the head. No more do his hands come up over the crashing waves. Shyan swears in her native tongue and prepares herself to dive in after him.

Cang meanwhile loops the boat’s rope and cinches it to Shyan’s belt. Giving it a yank to test, he flashes her a thumbs-up signal.

Abia has both hands gripping the boat, trying to keep herself level amidst the madness. “Jumpers hungry,” she says. Shyan nods and dives into the water.

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