iv) Be silent for once in your life

“Be silent for once in your life,” Cang snaps, but his anger has got the best of him. He’s raised his voice, too. Meanwhile Fassn is still eagerly shuffling his feet, trying to contain his excitement.

The door above squeaks open, and more shuffling feet descend the stairs.

“Look at what you have wrought,” Cang sneers.

“There’s no rot,” Fassn says. He pulls a grotesque smile. “See?” he asks through clenced teeth. “The witch fixed them for me.”

Two more of the lich’s shambling man-things lumber into view. They pass without glancing their imprisoned compatriot. Shyan steps up to block their way, but they push past her, unthinking. She’s shoved aside without a fuss. The creatures continue moving, and seem uninterested in the fact that half their prisoners are free of their cells.

Abia watches from her space on the floor as the creatures approach her. One of them bears a key, and sloppily inserts it into the lock. When the taller man-thing swings open the gate, Shyan tackles him to the floor.

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