i) Light and heat explode from the circle

Light and heat explode from the circle as Ulxurix’s flesh passes its bounds. Her screams rise in pitch and intensity while the newly-born inferno rages.

Horrified, Shyan, Fassn, and Abia leap to their feet, but they’re too slow. Shyan darts over to Ulxurix but misses her tackle, sending herself sprawling across the round room as the smell of Ulxurix’s charred flesh fills the space. The groaning man-things appear to take no notice at all, while Cang, at the head of the table, laughs malevolently, his mouth full of purple fangs.

The screaming stops. The light fades down, such that the gang is able to open their eyes. The charnel smell of skin and meat diminishes slowly. The gang squints against the smoke.

Cang has fallen face down in his meal. Fassn rouses him, and he returns to consciousness as a victim from quicksand.

In the magic circle, still glowing weakly, stands Ulxurix. Her tattoos pulse and brim with overflowing power. She turns to her dinner guests and smiles, her mouth full of vibrant purple fangs.

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