v) Cang shakes his head violently

Cang shakes his head violently. “Never,” he sputters. “Never mind that, friends,” he says woozily. He blinks hard a few times and when he smiles again, his purple fangs are in full force. The empty-eyed creatures shuffle toward Shyan, Fassn, and Abia.

Shyan adopts a defensive pose and gets in front of her friends. “We can help you, Cang. We know you’re in there.”

“Magic circle help,” says Abia.

“Magic circles, feh,” Fassn says. “You need the light of Old Ajralan, may he have his fill.” Pumped up, he raises his voice to the shambling creatures. “May he have his fill of the lot of you!”

“Come on, Horton, you don’t want to let this happen, do you?” says Shyan, drawing her blade.

“Well,” Horton says. “Master lich desires it.”

Shyan points at Cang with her sword. “This is your master lich? This little guy?”

Cang grins malevolently. “Friends,” he says. “I think I’d like to have you all for dinner.”

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