ii) Shyan shakes her head, exasperated

Shyan shakes her head, exasperated. “What is that thing, anyway?”

“Lich loves it,” Abia says.

Gesturing towards her, Shyan says, “See? Why would we want to bring it with us?”

The brigands’ leader shrugs. “Beyond my pay grade. Thought I’d share a bit of advice. I don’t know what it is either.”

His men start getting restless. They’re backing away from Wensley, who’s prostrate, calling out for alms from Old Ajralan.

“I like your technique,” says Fassn, to no response.

“Listen, good luck up there in the castle, if you do decide to go,” says the leader. “Sorry about trying to rob you and everything. I guess you’ve got worse problems.”

With that, the man signals his crew. They gather up their praying companion and withdraw.

“This fang might be valuable indeed,” Cang muses.

“Best be careful with it. We don’t know what it is yet,” Shyan says.

Grinning with his new teeth, Fassn asks, “Well, what are we waiting for?”

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