v) Fassn’s eyes light up

Fassn’s eyes light up. “I’m havin’ that,” he says, reaching for the fang.

Shyan bats his hand away. “You’ll just touch anything, won’t you?”

“I wasn’t going to touch it,” Fassn says. “I was going to taste it.”

“Lich fang,” Abia says, her eyes locked on the violet object. “Very old.”

“Worth anything?” Cang asks.

“To lich,” she replies.

“First you’d have to find a buyer,” Shyan says. “Wonder what the blacksmith was doing with this thing.”

“Maybe he’s a lich,” says Fassn.

She shrugs. “Nice of Ulxurix to give you that book. She must have known what we’d find.”

“Perhaps it is her that is the lich,” Cang says.

“No,” says a voice from the doorway, its tones rich and sophisticated, languid and deep. “I am.”

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