ii) “Okay, okay, this is bad,”

“Okay, okay, this is bad,” Shyan says.

“You imbecile,” sneers Cang, snatching the bar away from Fassn. Its surface is mottled by the invasion of Fassn’s teeth.

“Strong jaw,” Fassn says. He grabs up a rock and bites into it, chipping one of his incisors. He reels, dropping the rock, and screeching in pain.

“Easy come, easy go,” says Abia.

“Wait a second,” Shyan says. “Let me take a look at that.”

“I presume you won’t try to swallow it?” Cang asks.

Shyan shakes her head, annoyed. When Cang offers her the wonky bar, she runs her fingertips over the imperfections. “Maybe the blacksmith can fix it for us?”

“The blacksmith?” Cang asks. “Are you kidding? Why would we visit him to pay a debt to the wizard when the wizard has so transparently screwed us?”

Eyeing the bar closely, Shyan says, “I’m not sure it’s so transparent.”

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