i) The gang hustles out of Ulxurix’s lighthouse

The gang hustles out of Ulxurix’s lighthouse, clutching their goods.

“Shame we have to kill the blacksmith,” says Cang.

“We’re not killing anybody,” Shyan says.

They’re standing at the foot of the hill upon which the lighthouse stands. Passersby clothed in roughspun give them odd looks as they hurry about their business.

“We’ve gotta pay the witch back,” says Fassn. “Just look at these chompers!” He clacks his jaws together.

Cang balks. “The real treasure is here, my friend,” he says, showing off the gold bar. He fumbles his reaction as Fassn grabs the bar.

“Get a load of these babies,” he cries, and bites into the gold.

To the group’s mortification, Fassn’s teeth sink deep into the metal.

With his eyes wide and mouth full, Fassn calls out, “Old Ajralan, may you have your fill!”

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