ii) I’m afraid I know nothing of wings

“I’m afraid I know nothing of wings, young man,” Ulxurix says, though she appears no older than Fassn. “But at least you’ve got those new chompers, no?”

He clacks them excitedly, pulling small objects from his pockets. He bites each in turn, making ghastly sounds of mastication.

“So how much was this procedure, hm?” asks Shyan, her face set.

Ulxurix makes a show of humming and hawing, adding imaginary figures in her head. All the while, she smiles with glee. Her tattoos sparkle and swirl. “Well, let’s say, a fifth of a bar?”

“A bar?” Cang asks. “Is that some sort of obscure local currency?”

The wizard nods to his bag, where a single heavy brick weighs down the leather. Her grin widens.

“Wait,” Shyan says, but Cang interrupts her.

“A fifth of a bar? Scandalous! Outrageous! This gold belongs to us, madam!” he says, indignant.

With a meek look, Fassn adds softly, “Thanks for making it, by the way.”

“For you and your new teeth? Anything!” Ulxurix clasps her hands like a proud mama, then sweeps Fassn up in a hug. When she lets him go, she’s all business. “A fifth of a bar, please.”

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