i) The mention of a fee

The mention of a fee sends an uncanny shudder down Cang’s spine. “Oh, I suppose I need not have a souvenir, in that case,” he says carefully, watching the wizard’s reaction.

She chuckles. “Not for that. A souvenir is a gift! Dental work, on the other hand,” she says, letting her words trail off as all the eyes in the room find their way to Fassn.

“Superb!” Cang exclaims. “He shall pay his bill forthwith.”

Fassn chomps happily, savouring the strong clacking noise issuing forth from his fresh jaws. Realizing everyone’s still staring at him, he pats his pockets. “I’m broke,” he says. He holds his hands up, palms out.

“Broke,” Ulxurix chuckles. “But I’ve only just fixed you!”

Fassn grins, his smile luminous. “Wanna go double or nothin’ on these wings?”

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