v) “Know you?” Ulxurix exclaims

“Know you?” Ulxurix exclaims, her tattoos shuddering. “Of course not! I’m but a kindly old lighthouse keeper, you see.” She winks at Abia, who looks down at her hands to find the book she’d been given is gone.

“But you’ve just my name,” Shyan says.

“Oh, tosh! Why not come up for a cup of mead and a rump of rutabaga?” asks the wizard. Suddenly, the gang’s aware of a delectable scent, glazed rutabaga with salt and cracked pepper.

Fassn imagines diving into an enormous mug and tearing at a massive plate of rutabaga, until he remembers his teeth. He pouts. “Can you fix my teeth, wizard?” he asks. He lets his mouth hang wide so she can inspect the gums, and the shiny white nubbins within.

“With pleasure, my friends! Come on up for ale, and the wonders of modern dentistry.”

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