iii) “She ain’t no regular”

“She ain’t no regular,” the innkeeper says, before giving the team a contemptuous, appraising look. “We get lots of weirdo-types coming through.”

“Then surely she’s staying at the inn?” Shyan asks.

“Give us her name!” Fassn shouts, his wings beating furiously.

The innkeeper shakes his head. “Paid only for food and drink, plus the stabling of her mount and all.”

“Maybe we can catch her,” Shyan says. “Abia, let’s go. Guys, give the good man your pennies.”

Cang fires the stink-eye at Shyan but she hurries away before she sees. He begrudgingly flips his last penny to the innkeeper, who catches it easily. He turns to Fassn, expectant.

“Uh,” he says. “I lost mine.”

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