ii) “You,” the innkeeper snarls, “Owe me money”

“You,” the innkeeper snarls, “Owe me money.” He points the cleaver at them. “Pay me!”

Shyan takes a supplicatory step towards him. “You see, sir, we were robbed–“

“Boo bloody hoo,” he replies. “After years of longing, tonight, I finally knew what love was.” He grunts. “Really knew. And now you mongrels wanna rip out on me? Take the food from my babies’ mouths? You could be so cruel?”

Cang clears his throat. “Sir, my colleague speaks truth. We have no wealth to share.”

“A penny each’s all we got,” Fassn says. He feels at his pockets. “Wait, where’s mine?”

“Tell us where to find this alchemist,” Shyan says. “And you’ll get what’s owed, and more.”

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