iv) The group stares down the grasshopper

The group stares down the grasshopper, awaiting an answer.

“We don’t like surprises,” Shyan says.

“Well, the surprise, really,” the grasshopper says, his legs rubbing out an anxious, reedy tone. “Is that there is no surprise! See!”

The beast of burden let out a deep whinny, and a fart.

“I just get lonely out here on the road, jus’ me an’ ol’ Bus, here, an’, well, y’all seemed like such nice folks I figured it’d be awfully fun to talk to ya.”

Cang’s face flattens like that of a card player. “So there’s no buyer?”

“There ain’t no no one,” the grasshopper says. “I live alone and hardly ever see anyone.”

“Stop here, please,” Shyan says.

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