iv) Fassn’s appeals to Old Ajralan went unheard

Fassn’s appeals to Old Ajralan went unheard, or at least so it seemed. From Shyan’s flank, he offered a few blows with his sword that sparked off the rocky hide of the creature and were otherwise ineffective.

Abia’s whistling rose in pitch, and as it did so, the hammer in Shyan’s hands grew in size and density, nearly doubling before their eyes. Suddenly the hammer was a struggle to wield, but Shyan, with teeth gritted, brought it up over her head. With a barely discernible nod, she signalled Cang.

Cang, behind the beast, lobbed a glass flask of oil at its concrete form. It shattered, coating the creature in a film of black oil, and at this, the thing turned, wheezing at Cang. When it did, Shyan brought the full force of the amplified warhammer down upon its spine.

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