iii) The creature of concrete raised a heavy paw

The creature of concrete raised a heavy paw, tipped with ragged iron, and brought it down upon Shyan with a wheez. She deflected the blow with her shield, but the force of it nearly sent her sprawling. Regaining her footing, Shyan let out a baritone cry and charged toward the thing.

Abianarin fell back and began whistling a birdsong, waving her hands in undulating patterns. Cang darted past the creature, and withdrew his warhammer, made ready to toss it to Shyan. Fassn spoke muddied phrases in praise of Old Ajralan.

Shyan pushed back against the creature with her shield, but its bulk was implacable. She signalled for the hammer, and tossed the shield aside as she snatched the lobbed weapon out of the air. It was small for her, and she wielded it easily, gritting her teeth at the wheezing beast.

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