zdbd – Harry, You’re a Beast

A strong, classical piano intro is followed soon by a high-pitched singer excoriating “you” for a life that’s “completely empty.” Rough stuff. The music builds, and with renewed vigour, the singer continues with his list of deficiencies. Finally, he names his target: “that’s you, American womanhood,” and an unsettling snort is accompanied by freeform bells. The song proper bursts back in with a new round of complaints, and then the song shifts, and a bored-sounding voice whines to “Madge” about her body.

A strange passage of distorted, backwards vocals and songs plays that recalls the Beatles’ experimental work at the same period. No coincidence, given this record’s cover. Madge laughs deliriously as Harry spouts that he “couldn’t help it.” The song builds and gives way to a seamless transition into What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body.

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