midland recap: session 2

The temperature continued to drop.

A couple of weeks later, Roark and Chill approached Must, bearing itchy, green-purple pustules around their lips. Roark begged Must for some jingle to get treated, but she side-stepped them, instead opting to solicit Bunny’s advice regarding a possible cure.
When no response came from Bunny’s secure van, Must managed to bypass a booby-trap built into the door, only to find Bunny slack, in the dark, with the acrid reek of Mindfood suffusing her cramped space. Alarmed, Must decided Burroughs might know something about this psychosis, and set Highland to watch her unconscious companion while she hurried to town.
Meanwhile, in the absence of a formal governing structure — given that both Moose and Polly Marie were dead — the muscle-bound and permanently-enraged Fuse had taken up residence in their home, alongside his two dozen-ish violent fucks. Burroughs was in an audience with Fuse, to discuss the falling temperatures. Fuse blamed Must — “that rainbow fuck” — for the ongoing calamity. Burroughs wasn’t so sure, and tried to enlist the help of Tum-Tum, one of Fuse’s guys, with the promise of all the Mindfood he could handle. After taking a brutal blow across the chin from Fuse’s right hand, the upper-lip-less Rothschild, Burroughs briefly lost his violation glove, but regained it, before attempting to take Tum-Tum as a human shield. He was quickly apprehended in a full Nelson by Rothschild, as Tum-Tum averted his eyes.
Must arrived at Burroughs’ home to find Gino Marie, who extorted a promise from her, in exchange for Burroughs’ whereabouts — a promise to ask Bunny to create a violation glove for Gino Marie. Skeptical of his intentions, Must agreed all the same, and was told Burroughs was in town, visiting Fuse.
Around this time, Bunny emerged from her mossy haze, realizing with a sudden awareness that a crucial component of her workspace, the air filter, had crashed out. Unable to fix it on the spot, she travelled to the town market, to find something that would work, while an insistent Highland tailed her — on Must’s orders, he said. Annoyed, Bunny allowed him to tag along, forcing him to carry the filter. She arrived in town shortly thereafter, to find a crowd of locals watching as Fuse and his violent fucks paraded Burroughs into the square. Must, too, was there, in her brilliant rainbow cloak.
Burroughs emasculated Fuse in this public forum, to the shock of just about everyone present. Must, with her power of oratory, managed to convince the crowd to return to their business. Burroughs was freed, and decided that Fuse’s time as head honcho was just about up. Must and Bunny conferred about what had happened to her, and agreed there was more to learn about the Mindfood. As Bunny sought a fix for her damaged gear in the marketplace, Must followed Burroughs to the local watering hole, the Mexican Candycane, to see about fomenting revolution.

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