midland recap: session 0

Along a frozen riverbank, amidst a vast expanse of howling tundra, sits the tiny town of Midland, a community of fishers, farmers, trappers, and drinkers. North, a great, frigid ocean spans beyond knowing, and south, the barbaric enclave of Kick-Can City. West of Midland lives Burroughs Sundown, in a hovel he constructed himself; he can often be found cultivating a peculiar moss, unique to the region. East of the town is an ancient research lab, a concrete and steel behemoth inhabited by Must and her Family, a group of 20-odd souls who look to her for spiritual enlightenment. One of her foremost followers is Bunny, an uncanny personage with a flair for machines. For years the Midland folk have endured the harsh weather endemic to the tundra, with a grim resolution and gritted teeth. Now, though, the day of the first thaw has come and gone, but temperatures are dropping — fast. Weeks have elapsed, and the world grows colder.

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