zdbd – America Drinks and Goes Home

The conclusion of Absolutely Free is a reprise to America Drinks, presented fully-polished and oozing with reprehensible charm. The style, sound effects, and happily-chatting voices layered throughout sell the idea of a conclusion to a music-hall performance. The voice, and irregular rhythm of the lyrics, is fantastic, and the jazzy drumming, with brushes, no doubt, gives this short tune a driving force.

After the lyrics conclude, the voice speaks aloud to the various patrons of the music-hall, directing them to future events, soliciting feedback, playing the gracious host to a T. “Caravan with a drum solo” is addressed, and he sarcastically says they’ll do it. He scats a bit to close out the tune, and the album ends with a “Night all,” the clinking of cash machines, and the delighted shouts of a rowdy audience at last call.

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