zdbd – Status Back Baby

Another 50s nostalgia piece about teenage problems in suburban high school. The beach-rock vibe of the tune sells the content, and the array of rhythmic changes, led by the bouncing bass lines, keeps the song fresh over its nearly 3 minute runtime.

The song is about a student trying to reclaim his status at the high school — his “high school spirit’s / at an all-time low,” and he tries to rectify this.

There’s a short instrumental break with another wailing guitar solo silhouetted by jabbering vocals and a coach’s shrill whistle, which soon gives way to a drawn-out collapse set to tambourine, and then a strong, dissonant series of guitar chords. Another quick whistle and we’re right back into the chorus again, no questions asked.

The protagonist casts foreshadowing to Bobby Brown (“a handsome football star”) who we’ll meet in, oh, another ten years or so.

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