zdbd – call any vegetable

Call Any Vegetable features a funky, rapid harmony, with a call-and-response blues structure, until the pre-chorus and chorus hit, which significantly break the rhythm, building and collapsing in seconds. The riffs here are fantastic, and before you know it, you’re hearing some beautiful yodelling about rutabagas.

We’re about halfway through this short tune by this point, and a Brechtian music-hall number creeps into the song, with some beautifully subtle and clever lyrics: “No one will know if you don’t want to let them know / No one will know ‘less it’s you that might tell ’em so.” A creepy, slithering oboe crawls all over the melody, contrapuntal to the harmonium in the background.

The tune makes a great case for vegetables, building to a screaming climax that will, for the second time on this record, be paid off at the start of the next.

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