zappa day by day: an introduction

zappa day by day: an introduction 2017

This is a new feature for the website, a song-by-song chronicle of Frank Zappa’s output across decades of releases. Just a few thoughts – my own subjective take, maybe a bit of trivia garnered from Wikipedia and the like. I’ll do a song each day, posted around midnight, for as long as I can.

Some background:
I’ve become fairly familiar with Zappa’s work over the past six months or so. I haven’t thought seriously about recording my impressions, but as my relationship with the music has grown, I’ve felt compelled to spread the word. In my experience, Zappa’s not well known among my contemporaries, and even elders, to say nothing of my juniors. Perhaps my takes will help bring some small amount of attention to this compelling, complex, evolving art.

All that said, I’m by no means a musicologist, or Zappanalyst, either. Take my opinions as just that – opinions.

My plan:
I’ll start with Zappa’s first record, 1967’s Freak Out!, and go right through the catalogue, song by song, day by day, recording my thoughts, impressions, etc. I hope to bring some measure of ‘criticism’ in the broadest sense, as well; presumably my faculty will improve as the writing continues.

I’ll tag the Zappa posts accordingly to keep them separate from the other half of the site, which is primarily poetic/prosetic fiction (did I just coin a term there?). In any case we’ll see how much the audiences overlap. The fiction will continue to post around noon, on weekdays, while the Zappa stuff will go up overnight. This presumes a perfect world, of course.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on Zappa. I’d also recommend the 2016 documentary Eat That Question, as a valuable introduction into the man behind the music. Further, Spotify seems to have a great deal of Zappa’s work available to stream. Surely other sources do, too.

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