Aaron Barker


Aaron Barker mowed lawns five days a week and in the rainy season turned over to flood drainage. In the new year of, let me say, ’97, he ruin’t his own tools and gizmos in a flood of his own, water rushin’ in his basement workshop and all, so he needed a loan from his brother. He went with his gas-guzzling pickup, effective nine-tenths of the time, hauling mowers and wheelbarrows but ugly, unwieldy, when hosting naught but one desperate man. Pulling into the lot at his brother’s place, he jerked the wheel just in time to avoid a half-foot deep pothole coulda swallowed your dog. His brother gave him the loan after a long, frank, and embarrassing conversation on the microfibre sectional, but insisted on quarterly interest. Barker found a few new clients and mowed six days a week, but the gear he replaced exceeded the value of the loan, and as the season worsened, and homes started flooding, he found himself helpless. When his brother’s entire apartment complex flooded with five feet of water or more, and Barker orchestrated the bulk of the clean-up with contractors and rented gear, his brother invested in his LLC. These days Barker mows a couple days a week and when it rains, his guys clear the pipes as he sucks on a smoothie and snoozes.

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