Cheryl Hornbacher: a story circle

Cheryl Hornbacher – a story circle

Cheryl Hornbacher is a 38 year old seamstress living in West Jebrondon. She moved with her then-husband nearly 20 years ago and now feels an inescapable longing to leave the town of 2,800 people to see again the bustling streets of her youth in New Amsterdam. Thirteen days ago she purchased a single-way rail pass good for the whole northeastern coast, and this morning, the conductor announced they were nearing the Dutch territory. She’s dumped at a rusting terminal this afternoon along with a hundred other passengers who jostle her in their haste. Cheryl mutters apologies until her breath is taken by the sight of the city after so many years – it is beautiful, and nothing like she remembers. This evening she is overcharged for her hotel room, a tiny suite off Albrechan Boulevard in the Belgian Quarter. Tomorrow morning she’ll order breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and pay for it, but it will never arrive. A server will emerge from the darkened kitchen to find a hungry Cheryl Hornbacher waiting at a wobbling table, and tell her to go home. She’ll protest, and the server will find her some toast and jelly, which she’ll eat in silence back in her suite.

Logan Bright

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