exercise 8: some thoughts and a quick one

  1. Canadian culture reasonably strong; principles of inclusion, equality, freedom of expression
    Corporate authority a concern
    representative democracy is in good shape
    broadly sketched classes, connected primarily to education/income, rather than birth
    social mobility on the rise
  2. peaceful transitions of power
    robust civic discourse
    broad consensus about the state of climate change
    violence on the decline
    decent domestic economic indicators
  3. casual attitudes toward pollution despite progress
    rapacious consumer culture
    exploitative agriculture
    general mindlessness – a lack of attention to the present
    shift away from in-depth conversation, little “dialogue” (in the Bohmian sense)

Every morning just after dawn Bruce Peterson gets up and pees in the lake. He pulls his boots on if it’s cold out, Birkenstocks in the heat, but every morning, without fail, he goes out and pees in the lake.

He hasn’t thought much about why he does this. He’s never been caught in the act and embarrassed – isn’t, in fact, sure that others aren’t doing the very same thing. After he’s done he thinks no more about it, gets on with the rest of his day.

please, share your thoughts about this piece

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