Writing Exercise: unreliable 1st person, fake gold ring thief’s denial

Logan Bright 2016

Novakovich 5e5 – first person unreliable PoV; thief from yesterday and the day before


Let go you gossos, sick sewer rats I never wanted sun ring, never needed sweet metal warm, why you trap me now, huh? What you need old Abigail Bad Girl for, he don’t know no shinies, no gold gold. Just in streets with gossos, yes, cracked ART maybe maybe true, just for happy fun, see? Not for criming, not for harm but fun, fun. You got some for Abigail Bad Girl, just one ART? Might remember with help, see.

Just ART never was in porktown never went to shop of shinies, of sweet gold sun ring, wasn’t there and didn’t want the warm –  home at dockside cracking ARTs and smiling.

Tape’s wrong gosso, make-believe pictures, not Abigail Bad Girl grey and grainy, some other sicky steals sun ring, warm gold trapped in glass cages. Not Abigail no not me.

Shinies smashed and shattered yes but freedom for trapped sun ring. Not me no.

Never saw that metal, just ARTs at dockside under shadows, cold shadows silent fingers, no squee squee never hear squee squee. Seller lying, shrieking lies.

That sun ring no I never saw never seen sweet metal warm gold, sweet so. No no never. Junk it, garbage, fit for rats and sewer slime, I don’t need it don’t know where you got sweet sun ring.

Abigail Bad Girl home and quiet, all alone alone without sun ring, no warm metal gold, bare toes and fingers all alone, no stealing no stealing trapped and pleading sun ring, warm sweet metal so. Not mine not Abigail Bad Girl’s sweet sun ring. Me home with empty fingers empty toes no warm ring no sun ring.

You gossos come take me come bear me to this stony hole, say you find warm sun in fingers, Abigail Bad Girl’s fingers and toes, but fingers empty see, toes empty no squee squee no happy warm, no stealing sweet sun ring. Nothing for Abigail Bad Girl, nothing.

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