Well, this is new.

Here we are, at long last, against all odds. Many words have been written over the years, many ideas tried on and discarded, tested and abused. But ne’er before: a blog! Words visible to the public. A terrifying presumption, to say the least, when one is not accustomed to this brave new world in which we find ourselves.

Many times I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog, but always desired anonymity beyond all else. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work that way any more, and anonymity has gone the way of cigarettes in major motion pictures. When one wants to make it these days, the internet is the Next Big Thing™, and one ignores it at one’s peril. So here I am, on the mighty web, disconnected and disaffected, as ever, but broadcasting to a weird and wild audience. Well, let’s not overstate things. This blog has no audience.

Things have changed in my life, of late – quite a lot, in fact. From leaving the country on a journey of self-discovery, to returning to my old ways with nary a bat of the eye, to enrollment in a massive post-secondary institution, from which there is little hope for gainful employment. Luckily I believe in learning for learning’s sake, so I’m shielded from the consequences, for a time. Of course, the implications come roaring back when I close my eyes at night, often in a drug-fueled haze of regret and admonition, but I’ve still a solid few years before I need to back any particular horse. At least, that’s how it looks at the moment.

This all contrasts nicely with the fact that I’m currently writing this from the desk of the old job I had before my volunteering stint overseas, doing more or less the same thing I did before I left, for more or less the same salary. The hours are fewer, to be sure, but overall more, when one factors in the addition of a healthy helping of schoolwork. Oh yeah and I’m learning a foreign language rated as ‘extremely difficult’ for native speakers of English. It’s good to be kept busy.

My plan is to keep this blog alive and updated. Already I’ve experienced some measure of catharsis in just this small post, as I watch the word count tally up. It wasn’t long ago that I was keeping a thousand-word a day journal strictly for private use, but that got sidelined when school began in earnest. Even if I fail to meet that lofty goal again in this pursuit, it’s nice to have a warm hearth to return to.

There are not likely to be comments as there are not likely to be readers of this blog, but if somehow some appear out of the wild, I’ll do my best to address them.

Next time, some thoughts on the current race for the Toronto mayoralty and the farcical debacle it has (was destined to?) become.


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