zdbd – I Ain’t Got No Heart

Strong psychedelic vibe, the second song on Freak Out!, I Ain’t Got No Heart features orchestral production that lends the song grandiosity as it builds. The vocals are clear and smooth, with a deep backing vocal that sounds like it might be Zappa singing at the bottom of his range. The arpeggios on the guitar […]

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zdbd – Hungry Freaks, Daddy

The first track from Zappa’s first album, 1967’s Freak Out!, is Hungry Freaks, Daddy, which makes a case for the “left-behinds” of the dominant culture: Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.” The track begins with a rich, bouncing bass tone, and a distorted electric playing a simple but strong riff. The vocals, lead by Zappa himself, with […]

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