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I’m a writer and editor, based in St. James Town, Toronto.
I post rough-draft poetry and sketches daily.

If you’re looking for something specific, try ‘the work’ dropdown menu. You can sort by category; the newest work appears first.

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poetry: posted around 0400 GMT; largely free verse, associative explorations of sounds and ideas, feelings and fears

fiction: posted around 1600 GMT; A Sprawling Place; a weekly picaresque, in five daily acts, about a band of buddies trying to get rich in an off-kilter world. (This is basically deprecated since August 2020 in favour of other offline writing projects.)

sketch: posted around 2200 GMT; typically monochromatic or greyscale; sketches of faces, shapes, people, creatures, randomly-generated sentences, you name it*


* literally; leave a comment and I’ll try to sketch it