Logan Bright, etc.

I’m a writer & editor, based in St. James Town, Toronto.
I post first-draft poetry, fiction, & sketches daily.

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments & maybe we can share a conversation.

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poem: largely free verse, freely-associative explorations of sounds & ideas, feelings & fears
fiction: A Sprawling Place; an episodic picaresque, each in five small acts, about a band of not-quite-friends trying to get rich in an off-kilter world
sketch: typically monochromatic or greyscale; sketches of faces, shapes, people, creatures, randomly-generated sentences, you name it

more detail:
HBA, with high distinction; Linguistics, Writing, & Rhetoric, University of Toronto, 2017
Advanced Technical Diploma; Broadcasting for Radio, TV, & Film, Niagara College, 2010